iRon Lion/iRon Lion World bio

iRon Lion/iRon Lion World bio


Who is i-Ron Lion?

My name is Ronnie Brandon aka i-Ron Lion! Being born in October 1974 on Chicago's southside set the tone for me for a slow grinding successful oratory, music & business career as a public speaker, soul/hip hop/reggae producer-artist & CEO of my arts and entertainment company, ILW! Early on I would start performing with my church youth choir around the city of Chicago. In the late 70's and early 80's, gospel, blues & jazz had taken a back seat in the mainstream and r&b, disco, funk ,rock, pop, reggae & hip hop music which every kid in the nation was loving, dominated the streets, airwaves and t.v. stations!

From the young ages of 9-17, after moving to Virginia, I would begin forming local r&b, rap groups and reggae bands with other area youths, often performing in local talent contests or producing events and parties ourselves! Eventually, after some time in college studying the music business, I got the gig as lead vocalist for a Richmond,Va. based band called The Razor Posse! Later, I would join another Virginia based reggae band called Stable Roots with whom I would write many of my classic reggae songs and tour the east coast USA with! During this time I also began meeting famous reggae singers, musicians and businessmen who would offer their guidance! My desire to be an arts & entertainment company CEO was being nurtured!

Being a big fan of Sam Cooke, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Prince, Sean Combs, Kenny Edmonds, Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams, Sir Coxsone Dodd, Bob Marley/GYI, Jay Z aka Sean Carter, Kanye West and other like-minded savvy businessmen in music, inspired me also!

Iron Lion's highlight's/network


Though I love waking up and networking with club owners, artist managers, musicians and fans, at the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to my performance. There's nothing worse than an audience that doesn't react to you and just watches passively not buying drinks or food! Opening for the great legend Jimmy Cliff in Charlottesville,Va. (The Harder They Come/Hakuna Mataata) in 2010 at The Sprint Pavilion, is my most memorable experience! I have opened for The Wailers Band on many occassions, The Abyssinians, King Yellowman, I Wayne, Yami Bolo, SOJA, Richie Spice, Sister Carol, Morgan Heritage, The Movement, Israel Vibration, Junior Reid, Wayne Wonder and more reggae greats! Also,the musicians from legendary Culture who toured with Joseph Hill as The Forces of Justice are like extended family,

I've known them for many years! I have been blessed to have the support of seasoned veteran reggae musicians who have travelled all over the world take interest in me and help nurture me! One of my childhood friends and bandmates Chris Whitley aka Ras Peanut or I-Nut toured w/ Culture from Jamaica as a keyboardist & at times road manager for many years. He produced my Reggae Party cd & put it on international platform Reggaeville! Other elders who have been there for me include Ras Mel and Drummie Zebb formerly of The Wailers Band!

The DMV has been a great place to work from, I've been able to rub elbows with great talent buyers, venues, bands and fans for many years! Execs like George Michaelow of Fast Lane,Int. have spent time consulting with me on booking matters! More recently Igor Katz(Collie Buddz manager) from Ineffable Music Group and Lukes Morgan from the Grammy award winning royal  family of reggae, Morgan Heritage, have given me their time and conversation! And I would  have to mention Elliott Harrington, SOJA's manager, we worked together in the early 2000's and it was great learning alot from him about managing & promoting a band! Being in the area that birthed The Dave Matthews Band doesn't hurt either, ATO Records, Starr Hill Promotions and Red Light Management have been great role models and have given me opportunities through the years.

About iRon Lion World


The Arts, Music & Vacation company!

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love to do daily! Since my college days I've wanted to build a relationship with a company like Def Jam or Tuff Gong. 

iRon Lion World allows me to create(producer), perform(artist) and help musicians get work(indie booking liasion/talent promoter), plus I travel and meet interesting new people all the time whom I love to help uplift by sharing my music, art and resources!

So, basically, iRon Lion World is the distribution company for the products I create!

An extended part of ILW is me teaching people about vacation planning! I've worked on and off for Massanutten Resort in Virginia since my college days so I am a seasoned timeshare salesman! I would love to bring you to my area and discuss your vacation future with you, everybody needs it, VACATION PLANNING! I help people understand the importance of it AND I

So, overall,I help people plan their vacation future and I also entertain them with my various music projects!

Many people have become timeshare owners and travelled to beautiful resorts around the world from my assistance and super-affordable prices!

So, overall,I help people plan their vacation future and I also entertain them with my various music projects!

If you would like to visit OUR favorite 4 season resort equipped with amenities such as golf courses, condos and a huge waterpark in Virginia, for a FREE 3 day/2 night stay and you are interested in discussing your vacation future OR... 

...if you simply want to book me or one of my acts for an event,please call me at 540.271.0376 or email me at

Stay blessed and remain a lion in this concrete jungle we're living in!Oh and make sure you are vacationing and saving money while doing it!

One Life, Live it up! I wish you the best! 

-Ronnie aka iRon Lion


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